Customization Token [Wix]


This guide is only valid for Wix users. This does not apply if you use any other commerce platform.


What is the Customization Token?

In order to make it possible for your customers to personalize your product via Zakeke, you need to add a field to the product page where they will copy the token generated by Zakeke at the end of the personalization process. In fact, once your customers have completed their personalization on your product and click "buy", Zakeke will show them a customization token that they need to copy/paste into your product page before proceeding to the checkout in order to associate the personalization with the order.

See this quick video showing the customization and purchase process:


How to create the Customization Token field

You create the field from your Wix admin panel:

  • Go to Store Products > Products

  • Select the product that you have turned or want to turn into a customizable product within Zakeke

  • Scroll down to the Custom Text section

  • Add Custom Text Field to create the Customization Token field

Please carefully read the following notes:

    • You can call the field as you wish as long as the words Customization Token are included.

    • We suggest you make it Mandatory Field: if your customers do not add the token before purchasing, no personalization will be associated with the order and therefore you will have no way of knowing that that product was bought as personalized!

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