How the Product Customizer works with Wix


  1. How it works
  2. Creating your customizable products
  3. Getting orders and print-ready files


1. How it works

Zakeke enables your customers to visually personalize the products you sell at your Wix store. It works as follows:

  1. Customers click on Customize on the product page to start the customizer for your item at your Wix store.

  2. They are provided with a User Interface to personalize your product the way you have set it up

  3. After the customization, they check out as usual and you receive print-ready files. 

Install the app from this link.


2. Creating your customizable products

  1. Connect Zakeke with your store.

  2. In your Zakeke back-office, pick a product from your Wix store and make it customizable via Zakeke.

  3. Remember to publish the customizable product live from the Zakeke back-office in order to see them live in your website.

The product is now customizable via Zakeke and your customers will be able to personalize it from your Wix store.

Please note

To display the customization charge at the checkout on Wix, it is only possible by using Zakeke's pricing rule.


3. Getting the print-ready files

Once an order for a customized product is placed at your store, you'll find the print-ready files along with a summary of the order in the Orders section in your Zakeke back-office.

Please read more here.

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