How to properly set a customizable rounded item (mugs, cans, tumblers, bottles, cups, glasses, ...) in Zakeke

Here is a guide to setting customizable rounded products in Zakeke (e.g., mugs, cans, tumblers, bottles, cups, glasses, and more).

The process is universal to all-rounded products, thus, the same logic can apply to all objects with a similar shape. Below is a quick example of a mug setup:

  • show a flat view in 2D of the full customizable area
  • show a realistic 3D preview of your product

See the example below



How to do it

The setup can be split into two steps:

  1. Create your customizable product by uploading a 2D image of that product and setting up a print area within Zakeke;

  2. Activate the 3D preview by uploading your product's 3D model


1. Create your customizable product (mug)

  1. Create/edit an image of your mug including a flat print that reflects the size of your mug's actual printed area. A standard print area for an 11oz mug is usually 21,84x9,39 cm, please see below: Mug_with_print_area_sizes.png
  2. Go to Zakeke back-office > Customizable products > Add and select the mug from your store to make it customizable;

  3. Change the image and upload the one you edited/created (refer to point 1)

  4. Set print area.

  5. Save and publish.

See the video here below.

Now, your mug is ready to be customized in your store. Proceed with the next step if you also wish to activate a 3D view of your mug.


2. Activating the 3D view

In order to activate a 3D preview of your mug, you need a 3D model. If you don't have it, feel free to drop us an email at

  1. Go to Zakeke back-office > 3D Preview and AR > select the mug you want to upload a 3D model for;

  2. Upload the 3D model (and Edit materials if you need to adjust the look of your model);

  3. Match your 2D print with your 3D model following the Matching sides step by step process (follow the in-app tutorial) and Save.

See a video tutorial here below.

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