Order's summary


  1. Introduction to the tool
  2. Create your own version of the order's summary


1. Tool intro

The order's summary is a PDF file that you receive along with the print-ready files when a customer places a customized order with you.

The summary includes several pieces of information related to the order and you can read more here.

Zakeke provides you with a default version of the summary, but you can still customize it and include the information you prefer.


2. Create your own version of the order's summary

Go to Settings > Order's summary > Manage

Here you find an HTML editor that you can use to customize the summary file. The HTML you see is for the default template.

For easy and quick adjustments, you need basic HTML skills as you can easily change any part of the template by modifying the CSS classes and properties. We also provide you with a list of placeholders that you can use to add dynamic content.

For advanced changes, such as changing the layout of the summary, you'll need to work with liquid code. We recommend you rely on a skilled developer or send us a message to support@zakeke.zendesk.com.


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