Double-sided products (with the option to have the same design elements on each side)

For some products, such as a keyring, you may allow customers to have the same design elements on each side or allow different design elements on each side. This can be presented by using Product Variants and Pre-Designed Templates.

The Print-Ready File will then be returned according to the customer's choice:

  • Two different images or
  • One image duplicated for Production

This guide shows you how to create that type of customizable product. For the purposes of the guide, we will use a keyring with two customizable sides as an example product.


How to do it

The setup is divided into 3 steps:

  1. Turn the product in your store into a product with variants
  2. Set the customizable product in Zakeke
  3. Activate the sync option


1. Create a product with variants at your store

Create a product in your store with two variants:

  • Design Repeated Both Sides
  • Different Design on Each Side



2. Setting the customizable product within Zakeke 

When setting up your customizable product within the Zakeke back-office, make sure to set up it as follows:

  • Two sides: front and back
  • Import the product variants

Once set up, they should look like this:


See this quick video on how the product gets setup in Zakeke:


3. Activate the sync option for the "Design Repeated Both Sides" variant

Go in your Zakeke back-office > Tools > Pre-Designed Templates and create a new Template for the product.

For the Design Repeated Both Sides option, sync the design elements as described above:


  • In the Template settings, Uncheck the Apply Template to All Variants box
  • Check the box for the 'Design Repeated Both Sides' Variant
  • Check Sync Elements on all product sides

Then save the Template and publish live your product.


Once set up, customers will be able to choose either of the Product Variants both at the product page and within the Customizer and the design elements will be synced on both sides of the product (and the same print file will be provided) if they go with the Design Repeated Both Sides option.

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