Clear all the Zakeke resources on your store after the app removal

You can follow these steps to remove all the resources created by Zakeke after you've removed the app from your store:

Delete all the snippet files from your theme

Note: if you've followed the guide to set Zakeke to never create a new product, you should undo these changes before removing these snippets. This only in the case if you've followed that guide.

  • From "Shopify Admin", select Online Store > Themes
  • Select Actions > Edit code on your active theme 
  • Delete the following snipped files (if present):
      • zakeke-customizer-price.liquid
      • zakeke-cart-item-price.liquid
      • zakeke-cart-item-properties.liquid
      • zakeke-cart-line-price.liquid
      • zakeke-cart-item-edit.liquid
      • zakeke-cart-subtotal.liquid

Delete all the products created by Zakeke

  • From "Shopify Admin", select Products
  • Delete all the products with this type: zakeke-design

Delete the filters added by Zakeke in the connections

  • From "Shopify Admin", select Products > Collections
  • Remove this condition from your collections (if present): product type is not zakeke-design



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