Fonts Error Messages

Font Error Messages

When you upload a new font in Zakeke you may get an error message. There are two possible messages:

  1. Font already installed: this means that font with the same name is already on your list. Please double-check in your Fonts section. If you still want to upload the font, you should rename it otherwise the system won't accept it.

  2. Font name not accepted: this means that the font cannot be installed because its name is creating a conflict in the Zakeke system. In order to upload it, you should rename it or it won't be accepted.


How to rename a font

Before you start

We recommend you change the name of your font using a unique name. For example, if you want to upload the Adamina font, you should use the description "Adamina-YourStore".


How to do it

  1. Go on (or any other similar tool) and upload your Font file via load > Browser for a File.

    Glyphr Studio_guide_2.png

  2. Once selected the file you can click on Edit project button, as highlighted below.

    Glyphr Studio_guide_3.png

  3. Click on font settings and you can add the name in the "Font Family" field.

    Glyphr Studio_guide_4.png

  4. To export the file of the font renamed, click on the "File" button and the "Export OTF Font" button.

    Glyphr Studio_guide_5.png

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