Fonts Error Messages

Font Error Messages

When you upload a new font in Zakeke you may get an error message. There are two possible messages:

  1. Font already installed: this means that font with the same name is already on your list. Please double-check in your Fonts section. If you still want to upload the font, you should rename it otherwise the system won't accept it.

  2. Font name not accepted: this means that the font cannot be installed because its name is creating a conflict in the Zakeke system. In order to upload it, you should rename it or it won't be accepted.


How to rename a font

Before you start

We recommend you change the name of your font using a unique name. For example, if you want to upload the Adamina font, you should use the description "Adamina-YourStore".


How to do it

  1. Go on (or any other similar tool) and upload your Font file via load > Browser for a File.


  2. Once selected the file you can click on the top-left of the screen.


  3. Click on font settings and you can add the name in the "Font Name" field.


  4. How to last step you can export the file of the font renamed, clicking on the "export font" button and the "Export OTF Font" button.


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