How to use UserGuiding with Zakeke

UserGuiding is a free user onboarding tool. You can use it to create quick, hassle-free, and interactive guides on your customizer for your users to discover how to personalize your product with Zakeke.



You need a Google Tag Manager account and integrate it with your Zakeke.


Add UserGuiding on Google Tag Manager

In your UserGuiding account go on Settings > Containers and click on code to show the code, then you need to copy the code.


Once you have a code, you have to create a tag on Google tag manager to use it.

Go on the Google Tag Manager workspace homepage > create a new tag, on Tag Type you need to choose Custom HTML > Paste your UserGuiding code on the HTML box.

Choose as trigger All Pages. And save the new tag.


Don't forget to save the workspace changes. You can save the workspace changes by clicking on the save button.


Now you need to open the Customizer on a New Browser Tab. Go to Zakeke BackOffice on Customizable Products, then click on the test button. 


On the test page, copy the URL link of our customizer by clicking on the Copy Test-Customizer URL.


Open the copied URL in a new browser tab. On the new tab, you can create your Guide!


There is a bug in the User Guiding Settings:

  1. Open your UserGuiding back office
  2. Cut the Redirection lower than 128 characters
  3. Save the guide
  4. Disable Redirection
  5. Save the guide

Last step: you need to set the Page Targetting on the UserGuiding back office, you need to set a role contains and as URL:


PRO TIP: If you want that some guides show up only for certain products, you can add a target and set a role contains and as URL "modelCode=100" where 100 is the code of your product.

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