Pantone Colors

While RGB is the standard color system in Zakeke, you can set a custom Pantone Color system for your Zakeke.

It works as follows:

  • You create a list of Pantone colors and for each color you define the corresponding RGB color.
  • Zakeke will show your customers only those colors when they use the text tool.
  • When they upload an image, they'll be forced to change each color in the image into a color in your list.
  • In the print-ready files, you'll receive the list of the Pantone color codes used in the design.


Activating the Pantone colors system

To activate the Pantone color system it's necessary to flag "Pantone enabled" via Printing Methods > Edit or Add Printing Methods > Pantone enabled


ATTENTION: if the Pantone enabled option is not visible in your printing methods, please refer to this article.


Setting Pantone Colors

When you enable the Pantone colors system in Zakeke, you can create the list of the colors via Settings > Pantone Colors



A pantone color is defined by a Pantone code, the respective RGB code, and an optional descriptive name.

Here below an example of how your customers will see the list of the available colors in the customizer:



IMPORTANT: It's possible to limit the visualization of the Pantone colors via Printing Methods > Pre-defined set of colors for the texts: if the Pre-defined set of colors for the texts option is checked, only the colors chosen in the printing methods will be displayed.




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