Important: this article is valid only for custom integrations via API. If your store is built on a standard e-commerce platform (WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, ...) you don't need this and you only need to install our plugin.


Integration by APIs requires basic knowledge of APIs REST and, based on the technology used by your website, of the main programming languages of the front-end (HTML, Javascript, JSON, PHP, ASP, ASP. Net, etc.).



Preliminary Steps

After signing up on Zakeke, the integration with the API requires the following preparatory steps to be completed

  1. Login to Zakeke

  2. Go to this page:

  3. Select the API tab section, choose the currency and set the URL of your e-commerce website

  4. Go to home page and subscribe an API plan
  5. Get your Zakeke api keys by going to this page. For more information on the API Key please refer to the Introductory page of the API.
  6. Import products via catalog in CSV format. For details on import, please refer to the reference section



This phase consists of the true integration of Zakeke into your e-commerce. It's split into the following steps:

  1. Adding the "Customize" button in the product sheet page

  2. Create a new "Customizer" page that will contain the Zakeke IFRAME

  3. Manage your custom product in your e-commerce shopping cart

  4. Register an order with custom products on Zakeke

For details on the implementation of each step, please refer to the respective sections.

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