Duplicating Customizable Products and/or Pre-designed Templates

Zakeke lets you duplicate customizable products and also pre-designed templates. 



  1. Duplicating a customizable product
  2. Duplicating pre-designed templates


Duplicating a customizable product

Zakeke allows you to copy a configuration that you've done on a product to another or more products. That means that the second product will get from the first product the same:

  • product image
  • sides, if any.
  • variants, if any.
  • print area(s)

Once the product is duplicated you are free to change any settings.

How to do it

Go to Customizable products > click on the product > go to the last step > click on Duplicate configuration



Duplicating pre-designed templates

Other than products, you can duplicate pre-designed templates as well. That means that you can copy a pre-designed template from one product to another or more products.

How to do it

Go to Tools > Pre-designed templates > Click on your product > select one or more templates > click on Duplicate template

After clicking on Duplicate, it's possible to choose one or more products on which to duplicate the selected pre-designed templates. 




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