How to set up a markup price based on the design size

If you wish to create a price rule to add a markup price to your product price based on the size of the artwork that your customers make on the product, follow the example here below.



You sell a product with a print area that is 30cm x 50cm (1.500 cm2) with a base price of 10 USD. You wish to add an extra price on top of the base price based on the size of the design as follows:

  • up to 400 cm2 = 2 USD
  • up to 1.000 cm2 = 5 USD
  • over 1.000 cm2 = 10 USD

How to make it? This is how to set the rule in Zakeke (Advanced Pricing):

  • Property: Design size
  • Targets: Full product
  • Elements: All elements
  • Type: Design
  • Match: All
  • Conditions:
    • Greater or Equal than 1.000 = 10
    • Lower than 1.000 = 5
    • Lower than 400 = 2



Is also possible to show the design's size to the end-users.

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