Quick and important infos to learn how to use the Zakeke Visual Product Customizer

This article is aimed at giving you an overview of the core parts of Zakeke so that you can easily discover how powerful the tool is!


Customizable Products

Once Zakeke is connected with your store, you can start making customizable products. You have three options:

Both options allow you to sell customizable products, but the way to create them is different from the first process to the second and you need to follow the proper guide.


In Zakeke each customizable product is composed as follows: product > side(s) > print area(s).

It means that for each product you can offer one or multiple customizable sides (think about front and back of a T-shirt) and one or multiple print areas on each side.

Zakeke will generate the print-ready files the same size as the print area.


If you have product variations, the hierarchy is valid for each product variation that you wish to make customizable. You'll get a print-ready file for each print area customized by your customer.


Customization tools

Zakeke offers you two types of customization tools:

Base Tools

It includes text, upload image, clipart and images galleries, and image editing and filters. These tools can be limited or totally disabled by creating a Printing Method (see below).


Extra Tools

We keep adding new tools month by month. You find those tools under Tools on the left menu. They all work with a rule-based logic that allows you to create one or more rules on how the tool should work and apply it to one or more products or printing methods. Examples of this kind of tool are Product Background Editing, Collage Layouts, Background Remover & Image Recoloring, and Get a Quote


Printing Methods

This is a core part of Zakeke. 

When you create a customizable product, Zakeke assigns a default printing method to that product which means that:

  • all base tools are activated for that product
  • print-ready files will be generated at 300 DPI and in four formats (SVG, PDF, PNG, DXF)

If you wish to change any of these options, you can create a Printing Method and define your own settings. You can apply the same Printing Method to multiple customizable products at once.


Pre-Designed Templates

Pre-Designed Templates is a powerful tool that allows you to sell pre-decorated products with editable elements. You create designs with texts and images and for each part of the design, you can set specific rules on how customers can edit it.

A quick and simple example can be seen in this demo product where customers are allowed only to edit the text on the T-shirt.

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