Short guide on how to manage the switch to the new Zakeke

Since October 7, 2020, Zakeke changed the way you make a product customizable and how to create a printing method. The new system is aimed at making you faster and providing you with the possibility to create general rules that you can apply to multiple products at once.


What has changed?

  • Customizable products: with the new process you only need to choose the product from your store, set sides, print areas and variants and you're good to go. 

  • Printing methods: you can now create independent Printing Methods and assign it to multiple customizable products instead of having to create a specific Printing Method for each product while you configure it.

  • Pricings: same as above. You can create rules and assign them to one or more products or printing methods.


What happens to the Customizable Products/Printing Methods/Pricings created before the last update?

The new process does not apply to the customizable products that have been created before October 7, 2020. This is to allow you to get used to the new process and do not force you to change all the settings you already have in your Zakeke. In particular:

  • Customizable Products: you can still access products created with the previous process and you can still edit them by using the previous process. If you create a new customizable product, then you'll need to use the new process.

  • Printing Methods: you'll find here the Printing Methods that you have already created and you can still access them to only change output settings and fonts. If you need to change any of the other settings (customization tools), you need to create a new Printing Method.

    If you apply a new printing method to one of the "old" products, it gets added as second printing method. If you wish to make it the only printing method available for that product, you need to open the product from Customizable Products, go to Printing Method and Settings step, remove the old printing method and save the product.
  • Pricings: you won't lose the pricing rules that you've already created on a product, but you can't access them anymore. You can create new Pricings.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to write to to get support.

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