Interface Editor and Settings

You can personalize the UI of your Zakeke customizer via Settings > Interface Editor.



In particular, from this section you can:

  • Change the set of colours (main colour, icons colour, toolbox colour, background colour, ...);

  • Edit Tool's Name, Icon and Position;

  • upload your own font for the customizer;

  • add a custom text below the price;

  • enable/disable CTA buttons and special options ("Actions" section):

    • Sharing button to allow your customers to share their designs with anyone.

    • Save design button to allow your customers to save their design for later for one product or for usage across all products. By default, the saved design will only be available for the product it was created for. However, you can allow the design to be applied across all customizable products. Zakeke will automatically adjust the design to fit different print areas as accurately as possible.

    • Show price

    • Force "point" in price
    • Show product quantity

    • Image scaling: If checked, Zakeke scales down the images used in the design to guarantee the buyer an excellent performance with any device and internet connection. Scaling only applies during the live personalization, the print-ready files are generated with the original images.

    • Undo/Redo: to allow users to undo/redo actions in the customizer (note: this functionality is not supported if a collage is active on the product).

    • Show dashed edge: to show the editable elements of a pre-designed template with a dashed line.

    • Enable customers to manually enter sizes for images: customers can manually enter sizes for the base and height of the images (other than being still able to resize the images by using the resize tool)
    • Zoom level to let the product image appear zoomed-in as soon as the Customizer opens. Plus, select if you allow the Auto-Zoom to Print Area for better focus on the customization area. 
    • Select the "3D View" window's size: you can add a custom size for the "3D View" window. You need to enter the values for width and height in pixels
    • Open 3D at click: customers can open the 3D view by clicking anywhere in the 3D preview window
    • Show the end-user the design's total size or the size of each element of the design.


UI customizations are only those listed above, therefore it's NOT possible to change layout or structural aspects. of the UI.

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