Interface Editor and Settings

You can personalize the UI of your Zakeke customizer via Settings > Interface Editor.



In particular, from this section you can:

  • Change the set of colours (main colour, icons colour, toolbox colour, background colour, ...);

  • Edit Tool's Name, Icon and Position;

  • upload your own font for the customizer;

  • add a custom text below the price;

  • enable/disable CTA buttons and special options ("Actions" section):

    • Sharing button to allow your customers to share their designs with anyone.

    • Save design button to allow your customers to save their design for later.

    • Automatic zoom to let the product image appear zoomed-in as soon as the Customizer opens.

    • Show price

    • Force "point" in price
    • Show product quantity

    • Image scaling: for performance reasons, Zakeke scales down all images used in design (both images from galleries and uploaded images). This is only for the UI, print-ready files are generated with original images.

    • Undo/Redo: to allow users to undo/redo actions in the customizer (note: this functionality is not supported if a collage is active on the product).

    • Show dashed edge: to show the editable elements of a pre-designed template with a dashed line.

    • Enable customers to manually enter sizes for images: customers can manually enter sizes for the base and height of the images (other than being still able to resize the images by using the resize tool)
    • Select the "3D View" window's size: you can add a custom size for the "3D View" window. You need to enter the values for width and height in pixels
    • Open 3D at click: customers can open the 3D view by clicking anywhere in the 3D preview window
    • Show the end-user the design's total size or the size of each element of the design.


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