Save design and Customer saved designs


  1. How the Save option works
  2. Managing the option
  3. Customer saved design


1. How the Save option works

Your customers can save their designs by using the "Save Design" button.

The designs get saved in the cache (and they will be available to the users as long as they do not clear the cache and stay on the same device from which they saved the design) unless your customer is logged into your website. In the latter case, the designs are permanently saved in the Zakeke back-office and your customers find them in the customizer under "My saved designs" and you can access them from the Customer saved designs section in the back-office.

IMPORTANT: even if the customer is logged to your website, designs won't be saved in his/her account on your website and he/she still needs to access the customizer to find the saved designs.


2. Managing the option

The Save button is enabled by default. If you wish to disable it for your products, you do it via:

  1. Settings > Interface Editor > Actions
  2. uncheck the option "Enable "Save design" button".

save design - interfaccia .png

This option is available for single product only or for usage across all customizable products. 

If checked, your customers can save a design for later use. By default, the saved design will only be available for the product it was created for. However, you have the option to allow the design to be applied across all customizable products. Zakeke will automatically adjust the design to fit different print areas as accurately as possible, so imperfections might apply.


3. Customer saved designs

Designs are saved by customer ID or email, depending on the e-commerce platform. Also, you can search them by tags.

Saved designs can be edited by you by clicking on the edit button (pencil symbol). Once you've edited a design, your customer will find the edited design in his/her gallery in the customizer ("My saved designs").


Please note 

If a design based on a pre-designed template by variant is saved, based on the save option (chosen in the backoffice) the following cases can apply:

  • Save design for single product only --> the design can't be used on a different variant of the same product;
  • Allow design usage across all products --> the design can be used on any product regardless of the variant.


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