Show high resolution images of your product materials

You can allow your customers to see a high-resolution image of your product materials while they customize the product in 3D. You can upload high-res images that will be visible by clicking a specific button on the 3D model that is called Info point.

This is a very useful feature for those who sell products where materials are very detailed and might have small differences that do not get properly shown in 3D.

See this quick video:

Note: multiple images are supported. Zakeke will show two arrow buttons to allow the user to scroll through the photos.


How to enable the info points

  1. Enable the feature in the scene

    In the Zakeke scene editor, go in settings > enable info points. After ticking the checkbox you can change the dot colors. 


  2. Upload the images

    Go in Materials > select a material and upload one or more high-quality photos.


  3. Choose the objects on which to show the info points

    Go in objects > select an object > Show info point


Of course, the point will be shown only if that object has a material with photos.




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