Duplicate attributes, options and actions (on the same product or from one product to another one)

You may need to copy the options from one attribute to another on the same product or copy the attributes/options from one product to another. Zakeke provides you with the right tools.


How to duplicate attributes/options on the same product (Retargert)

This is a function to easily assign the options (or a part of them) that you have created for an attribute to another attribute on the same product.

Example: you sell shoes and you offer 5 different colors (options) for the toe part (attribute 1) and the same 5 colors for the tongue (attribute 2) and they are independent, meaning that your customer can choose color X for the toe and color Y for the tongue. You set Zakeke as follows:

  • Attribute 1: Toe
    • Option 1: Blue
    • Option 2: Red
    • Option 3: Brown
    • Option 4: Grey
    • Option 5: Yellow
  • Attribute 2: Tongue
    • Option 1: Blue
    • Option 2: Red
    • Option 3: Brown
    • Option 4: Grey
    • Option 5: Yellow

Since the two attributes are sharing the same options, you can set them once and then copy them for the second attribute by using the retarget function.

To retarget an attribute (or even a single option):

  • clone the attribute/option (by clicking the Clone button)
  • click the Retarget button

If you click the attribute retarget, it retargets all the options and all the actions of the selected attribute. 

If you click the options retarget, it retargets all the actions of the selected option.


After clicking the button, a popup appears and you have to choose which objects to replace. The list of objects is obtained from the actions. If you leave it empty, the object won't be replaced.




How to copy an attribute/option from one product to another (Import)

You can copy an attribute that you previously created for a product to another product that shares the same attribute.

According to the same example above, you sell a shoe for which you offer 5 different colors for the toe part and you wish to replicate the same attribute/options for another pair of shoes. If you use the import feature you don't need to re-create the attribute and options from scratch again and you can just copy them from the first product to the second one.

To import an attribute, click the Import button from the list of attributes.


Select the product from which you want to import the attribute and then select the attribute to import


Now, you have to make a retarget because the object used in the first product does not exist in the second one (even if they are imported from the same 3D file and have the same name, they are still different objects in Zakeke).

So, make a retarget from the Toe of shoe 1 to the Toe in the second shoe and click OK.

Note: it is mandatory to retarget all the objects when importing an attribute.


A new attribute will be created with all the options, actions, and right objects.

Note: you need to change the material used by each action manually.


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