How to remove the "SEND to the POD" button and automate the sending of orders to the POD

The following guide is for WooCommerce merchants only and describes how to automate the process of sending orders to the POD after you have received an order for a custom product via Zakeke without having to click on the "Send to the POD" button for each order.


Before you start

  • This guide is only for those who sell customizable products from the Printful, CustomCat or Printeers catalogs, don't need it if you sell your own customizable products.

  • Even if you sell products from a POD catalog, you don't need this if you're a Shopify merchant as you already get an automated process.


How to automate the process


To automate the sending of the order, follow the instructions below:

  1. go to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Webhooks > Add Webhookmceclip0.png

  2. Copy all fields:

    Name: Zakeke integration

    Status: Active

    Topic: Action

    Action event: woocommerce_order_status_processing

    Delivery URL:<ClientID>

    Secret: <SecretKey>

    Api Version: WP REST API Integration v.1

    Where <ClientID> and <SecretKey> are the values of the codes that you will find in the Zakeke backoffice at the "Api keys" link.



  3. Click on "Save webhook". Don't worry if you receive an error message. WooCommerce is trying to reach the endpoint without passing the right order parameters.


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