Why I don't see the product mockup? [Printful]

When you create the product with Printful, you add a design onto it and they can generate a mockup. Zakeke does not integrate a mockup generator as Zakeke is a visual and live product customizer. Customers are able to create their designs and see them live on the product, it's not possible to generate a mockup on the fly.

Cut-sew and all-over print products from Printful (leggings, neck gaiter, totes, ...) are shown with a print-file view in the Zakeke customizer. This is to allow your customers to place a design all over the product.

For these products, in order to give your customers a realistic view of the item, we suggest using the real-time 3D preview feature that allows your customers to see a 360° view of the customized item that they zoom in on, rotate and move around. See the example here below.


  1. The customer sees the exploded-view of the leggings1.jpg

  2. He/she uploads an image to customize it2.jpg

  3. He/she gets the realistic view with the 3D3.jpg

Try it yourself here

Don't you have 3D models? No problem, ask us at help@zakeke.com

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