PDF, EPS and AI upload

This feature allows your customers to upload files in PDF, EPS, and AI format to customize your products.

How it works

  • Your customers will be able to upload files in PDF, EPS, and AI format to personalize your products (see image below).

If you wish to disable the PDF/EPS/AI upload for a given printing method you can do it by changing the settings of that printing method in the Printing Methods section.



When a customer uploads a vector PDF, EPS, or AI file, Zakeke automatically converts it to an SVG file in order to keep it as a vector in the final print-ready files. If you wish to change these settings, you can disable them by checking the option "convert vector to raster" in the Printing Method settings.




After the process to generate print-ready files, some PDF files may show some differences (transparency, saturation, missing elements, etc) from the original uploaded. We strongly suggest double-checking the original PDF file uploaded by the client before fulfilling the order since Zakeke provides you with original files along with processed print-ready files.

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