Premium Photos

Premium Photos allows your customers to access over 140 million high-quality images and artworks made available by talented professionals from all over the world to personalize your products.


Please note

Premium Photos is not available:

  • During free trial
  • With Etsy, Wix and API integrations
  • Internal customizer to place test orders




How your buyers use the tool

Your customer access the image and artwork stock by clicking on Premium Photos in the Upload menu on the customizer UI.

When clicking the Premium Photos button, the following interface is shown:



When clicking on an image, it will be applied to the current design and the customer will be sent back to the customizer.


Disabling the tool

Premium Photos is activated by default on all customizable products on which the Upload button is enabled.

If you wish to disable it, you can do it from the Printing Methods section:

  • Go to your Zakeke back-office > Printing Methods;
  • Create or select a printing method;
  • Uncheck Premium Photos



Premium Photos is not available in combination with the following tools and features:


Terms and conditions for the merchant and the end-user

Premium Photos is a service included in your Zakeke subscription. 

All images from Premium Photos are priced 0,99 USD for your buyers. When your customer adds to cart a design that includes an image from Premium Photos, its price is added to the selling price of your product in the cart.

Example: you sell a mug with a price of 10 USD, and the customer personalizes it using an image from the Premium Photos gallery. At the check-out, the customer will pay $ 10.99 for the mug. 

When the merchant receives payment for the order, he/she temporarily collect the price of the photos purchased by the customer; the same amount will be charged in the next Zakeke monthly invoice. 

No transaction fee is charged on the price of the photo.

In the invoice received from the merchant, the price of the Premium Photos is an item not subject to VAT.

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