How to connect and use Printful with Zakeke for Shopify users

Please note

On March 30, 2023, Printful changed the auth process to OAuth 2.0, so the Printful API will no longer be accessible using legacy API keys. To avoid losing access to Printful, you will be required to migrate to the new API tokens before March 30, 2023. So please remove your old integration and follow the guidelines below to setup and use Printful on your store.



  1. How to use the Zakeke+Printful integration
  2. FAQ
  3. Pro tips to get the most of the integration


1. How to use the Zakeke+Printful integration

1.1 Connecting Printful with Zakeke

To make use of the Zakeke and Printful integration, you’ll need to:

  • create a Printful account 

  • and connect it to your Shopify store from Stores > Choose Platform > Shopify

If you already have a Printful account, just follow the steps here below.

  1. Go to your Zakeke back-office > Print-on-demand services > Printful and click Integrate > Authorize

    Make sure to choose the right store (your Shopify store) when you authorize the connection.

    ok Printful.png

    no new Printful store.png

  2. For now, don't pay attention to the Order Import Settings, you'll learn about it in the How to Get Orders Fulfilled section.

  3. Go to your Printful dashboard > Settings > Orders > Sync as you go and make sure that the options Import existing products and Import unsynced orders are checked.

  4. Go to your Printful dashboard > Billings > Billings Methods and make sure that the currency is the same as your Shopify store.  

  5. The connection is now enabled and you can start adding customizable products from the Printful catalog.

Please Note

If you use our native integrations with the POD services, the PODs' catalogs will be available only for the first store (master sales channel) that you integrate and won't be available for the extra sales channels you might add to your Zakeke account.


1.2 Adding customizable products from the Printful catalog

  1. In your Zakeke back-office, go to Customizable Products > Add a Customizable Product > Print-on-demand service > Printful

  2. By clicking on a product, you'll be guided through a few steps. In particular:

    • Edit the default name and the description of the product;

    • Choose the colors and the sizes, if available;

    • Select the sides of the product, if applicable;

    • Set the retail price of the product and your profit;

  3. Once you finish all the steps, save the product. A new customizable product is created at your store and synced in Printful.


    Usually, it takes a couple of minutes to have the product synced in Printful. We suggest not to make any order before the sync process is completed.


    All customization tools (text, upload, galleries, ...) are activated by default and customers are free to customize the product as they want. If you wish to limit the customization tools or sell editable designs, you can create pre-designed templates


1.3 How to get orders fulfilled

Fulfillment settings

Orders are automatically sent to Printful as long as Payment Capture option is set on Automatically capture payment for orders in your Shopify settings.

In order to check your Payment Capture settings go to your Shopify admin panel > Settings > Payment Providers > Payment Capture section.

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