Images and Clipart Galleries

You can create galleries of images and clipart from where your customers can pick images to personalize your product.



  1. Creating a gallery
  2. How to assign a category/image to a specific product
  3. Sorting the categories and images
  4. How to lock the images' size
  5. How to set the cliparts and images' price


1. How to create a gallery

Before you start

  • Zakeke allows you to organize your images into categories and sub-categories. Default categories can't be edited, deleted, or assigned. However, if you leave them empty they won't be visible in your customizer.
  • Accepted formats are PNG, JPEG, BMP, WEBP, and SVG. If the addon for PDF, EPS, and AI is active, PDF, EPS, and AI formats can also be uploaded.
  • Remember that if you upload SVG images, your customers will be able to edit the colors of the image.


Creating the galleries and uploading your own images

  • In your Zakeke back-office, go to Tools > Images and Clipart Galleries.
  • Create one or more categories for your images by clicking on the plus icon on the top of the categories menu.1.png

  • The images can be uploaded only in sub-categories. If a macro-category includes only one sub-category, the sub-category label won't be visible in the customizer and the images will be visible directly in the macro-category.





  • Once at least a category is created, click on Add Image in the upper right corner of the window.

  • In the pop-up window, select a category in which you wish to add the image you're going to upload.

  • Then click on Select Files to upload an image from your device to upload it and click on Upload Selected Files. You can upload more than one image at a time.

In order to edit the image or move it from one category to another, click on the "Edit Image" icon. Use the trash icon to delete it.



If you select more than one image, you can move, delete, assign or price the images in bulk.

You can also enable or disable an image, withouth the need to delete it. In this case the image you select still remains in the gallery but won't be visible and usable by your customers. 


2. How to assign a category/image to a specific product

It is possible to limit one or more macro-categories, sub-categories, or images to one or more products


When you create a gallery of images, by default this will be visible for all customizable products so if this is your goal you don't need to make any assignments

To assign a macro/category to a product, click on the macro/category name and then on the link symbol (see image below) and select the product(s) for which you wish to make that category valid.

The default categories cannot be assigned to a specific product.




In order to assign one or more images to a specific product(s), click on the image(s) and then click on the link symbol in the bottom bar (see image below) and select the product(s) for which you wish to make that image valid.



3. Sorting categories and images

You can change the order in which the categories or images are displayed in the customizer by clicking on Sort.


You can manually drag and drop categories and images to place them in your favourite order or you can use pre-defined options to sort them by name or ID (ID is the progressive identifier assigned to the category or image when they are created or uploaded in Zakeke, so if you sort them by ID means that you are sorting them by the time they were created/uploaded).


4. How to lock the images' size

As a default setting, all images from a gallery can be resized, but it is also possible to lock the size of your images. 

1. Go to Images and Clipart, click edit on an image and enter a fixed size in width and height.

Setting the size can be applied at the time of upload or by going back to the gallery and editing the image.



2. Go to Printing Methods and uncheck the Autofit option and check the Prevent users to resize images option.



5. How to set the cliparts and images' price

You can also set a specific price you want to charge for one or multiple images

First, go to Images and Clipart, click edit on an image, enter a price for it and confirm your settings. 


If you want to set a single price for multiple images you need to select the images first and then click on the Price icon in the menu, set the price to selected images and confirm it. 






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