Embed Zakeke on any page

As a standard behavior, Zakeke's UI is triggered from the product page through the 'customize' button. However, it is possible to modify this behavior and embed Zakeke's UI directly into any page of your Shopify store.

In order to do so, please follow the steps here below:

  1. Go to your Shopify admin > Online store > Themes > Click on Customize on the live store to enter the Shopify visual editor.

  2. From the editor you can add the Zakeke UI on a page by clicking on add block or add section > Select the Apps tab > Add one of blocks provided by Zakeke

  3. Select Zakeke 3D configurator for adding the 3D Product Configurator, or select the Zakeke designer block to add the Zakeke Visual Customizer, based on the Zakeke solution that you use.

  4. Then on the right sidebar click on Select product to select which product should be shown inside Zakeke. If you add the Zakeke block inside a product page, Zakeke will automatically open the correct product.

    Important Note: You can only add one Zakeke Ui for each store's page.
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