Upgrade to the new Zakeke Product Customizer [Wix]

In this guide we'll describe the advantages and the process to get the updated version of Zakeke for all Wix users already using Zakeke. 
The updated plugin for Wix let you do the same things you were doing up until today, plus: 
  • create Dynamic Pricing rules for your customizable products
  • manage Product Variants inside Zakeke
  • eliminate the Customization Token from your products. 
In order to upgrade the Zakeke app you just need to follow the steps below: 
  1. Go to the Wix site editor > Manage apps > upgrade to Zakeke - Product Customizer


  2. After the update the new Widget should be automatically added to the site. Be sure the Widget has been added properly, without it the plugin won't work as intended.
  3. If Widget is not added automatically, you can add it manually by going to the '+' button > App Widgets > Zakeke > click on Design Preset 1
  4. After making sure the Widget has been added correctly follow the instructions on the Widget, so: 

    a) right click on the widget and toggle the option Show on all pages

    image (1).png

    b) right click again, select Arrange > Send to back

    image (2).png
  5. Remove the Customization Token fields from products.

Please remember that adding the Widget properly is paramount in order to upgrade the app correctly and experience the new version of Zakeke.

The old version of the app will be deprecated in the coming months, so we urge you to update it to get a better version of the app starting now. 

 If you need support on this matter, please contact us at help@zakeke.com 
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