Why my Printful products are unsynced?

Unsynced Printful products can be found inside your Zakeke admin due to a misstep during the integration process. 

Remember that a proper integration  will allow you to send the output files to Printful, but having unsynced products won't. 

Let's solve this issue. 

During the Printful and Zakeke's integration process you need to select your current store (see image below):


ok Printful.png

But maybe you wrongly selected a new Printful store. That is a cause for the unsynced products issue.

What you need to do now?

  1. remove the current integration with Printful and Zakeke
  2. integrate Zakeke and Printful again by literally following the guides provided in this section based on your ecommerce platform, being careful to select your store
  3. import your products again
  4. wait for the products to sync correctly (for a couple of hours if needed) and place an order. 

If the problem still persist, please send us an email at help@zakeke.com 

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